Chloé Fouilloux

I am a first year Ph.D student with Bibiana. My thesis broadly explores the costs and correlates of cannibalism in dyeing poison frog tadpoles from behavioural, ecological, and physiological approaches. Currently, I am working on understanding how size and relatedness predict aggression between tadpoles.


Before joining Bibi in Jyväskylä, I was a Fulbright researcher in Morocco (2018-2019) studying behaviour and conservation in Barbary Macaques.

Previous to my “Jane-Goodall-Experience-Sabbatical Year” I have always loved working frogs: my first field job was in Guyana working on social recognition and parental care in golden rocket frogs (2017), which was followed by an internship at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute with the Warkentin Lab exploring premature escape hatching in red-eyed treefrogs (2018).

When I am not thinking about frogs and their wonderous underrated complexities, I like to write stories and take pictures. If you’re curious what the poetry of a young scientist studying cannibalism might be about, take a look at my work at



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In the pipeline…

Tumulty JP, Fouilloux C, Goyes-Vallejos J & Bee MA. Predicting and measuring decision rules for social recognition in a Neotropical frog. In revision in American Naturalist.

Fouilloux C, Goyes-Vallejos J & Tumulty JP. Territoriality and Tadpoles: how reproductive resource defense determines territory dynamics in Anomaloglossus beebei. In preparation.

Fouilloux C, Fromhage L, Valkonen JRojas B. Size-dependent tradeoffs in cannibalistic behavior towards kin. In preparation.


Fouilloux, C, Jung, J, Ospina AM, Snyder R, Warkentin, K. 2019. Do developmental changes in fitness trade-offs predict how embryos use mechanosensory cues for escape-hatching decisions? European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB), Turku, Finland. August 2019. DOI:10.6084/m9.figshare.9758372.v2

Fouilloux, C, Goyes Vallejos, J, Tumulty, JP. 2018. The effects of bromeliad water quality on the presence of golden rocket frog tadpoles. Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB), San Francisco, California (USA). January 2018.