Chloe Fouilloux


My name is Chloe Fouilloux and I am a PhD researcher in the (very international, ever moving) EBE lab. I broadly work in behaviour and the relationship between animals and their environment; in the context of my doctorate, I’ve begun to tease apart how cannibalistic tadpoles interact (conspecific aggression) and how these behaviours pay-off (or don’t) down the road (carry over effects of cannibalism). Interestingly, despite cannibalism being common between tadpoles, these animals have extensive parental care! To understand how parents fit into this story, I’ve done extensive characterization of the nurseries to which parents carry their offspring (characterization of multi-species phytotelm use across the vertical gradient). These nurseries are a bit. . . extreme. Phytotelmata are tiny pools of water that can essentially dry up if it gets too hot for a couple days— these pools are interesting because they serve as an important link to understanding not only parental care decisions and larval intraspecific behaviour, but they could also play a very important role in understanding disease spread (chytrid) in this species.


Chytrid fungus has been found to cause the population decline and extinction of several hundred amphibian species globally; yet in the Neotropics we aren’t sure how adults get it, if tadpoles have it, and through what mechanism this infection moves between life stages and across space (framework for disease spread in Amazonian poison frogs). I am currently working on establishing potential frameworks of disease spread to better understand how behaviour, natural history, and disease ecology come together in the dispersal and persistence of chytrid in the tropics.

Interested in this work (or me?),

Before joining Bibi in Jyväskylä, I was a Fulbright researcher in Morocco (2018-2019) studying behaviour and conservation in Barbary Macaques.

Previous to my “Jane-Goodall-Experience-Sabbatical Year” I have always loved working frogs: my first field job was in Guyana working on social recognition and parental care in golden rocket frogs (2017), which was followed by an internship at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute with the Warkentin Lab exploring premature escape hatching in red-eyed treefrogs (2018).


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In the pipeline…

Fouilloux C, Fromhage L, Valkonen J & Rojas B. Size-dependent tradeoffs in cannibalistic behavior towards kin. DOI:10.1101/2020.10.26.350132

Fouilloux C, De Freitas Almeida G, Rosa GM, Sundberg LR, Pašukonis A, Serrano Rojas SJ, Garner T & Rojas B. A framework for chytrid infection mechanism(s) in Amazonian poison frogs. In preparation.

Tumulty JP, Fouilloux C, Goyes-Vallejos J & Bee MA. Predicting and measuring decision rules for social recognition in a Neotropical frog. In revision in American Naturalist.

Fouilloux C, Goyes-Vallejos J & Tumulty JP. Territoriality and Tadpoles: how reproductive resource defense determines territory dynamics in Anomaloglossus beebei.In preparation.

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