Current students

Katja Rönkä (U. of Jyväskylä), PhD Student 2013-present

Co-supervisor: Johanna Mappes

‘Evolution of signal diversity: roles of mimicry and predator generalization in polymorphic, aposematic Wood Tiger Moth (Arctia plantaginis) populations’


Miriam Furlanetto (U. of Padova, Erasmus Exchange Program), MSc Student since 2017

Co-supervisors: Emily Burdfield-Steel  and Johanna Mappes

‘Costs of warning signal and chemical defences production in wood tiger moths’


Former students

Chiara de Pasqual (U. of Padova, Erasmus Exchange Program), MSc Student 2015-2016

Co-supervisors: Katja Rönkä and Johanna Mappes

‘Polymorphism in the aposematic wood tiger moth: a possible explanation through the phenomenon of generalisation’


Morgan Brain (U. of Jyväskylä), MSc Student 2014-2016

Co-supervisors: Emily Burdfield-Steel  and Johanna Mappes

‘Honest signalling in female wood tiger moths’

Liisa Hämäläinen(U. of Jyväskylä)MSc Student 2013-2014

Co-supervisors: Janne Valkonen and Johanna Mappes

‘Visual illusions in predator-prey interactions: Do stripes create a dazzle effect during movement?’









Jennifer Devillechabrolle (U. of Marseille), MSc Student 2010-2011

Co-supervisors: Jérôme Chave and Elodie Courtois

‘Mise en place et analyse d’un protocole pour le suivi à long terme d’amphibiens en forêt tropicale humide de Guyane Française’