Chloe Fouilloux, since 2019

Co-supervisors:  Janne Valkonen and Lutz Fromhage

With a very impressive set of internships under her sleeve, such as one at STRI (Panama) with the Warkentin’s Lab and a Fullbright independent research scholarship in Morocco, Chloe came to Jyväskylä to pursue her PhD with us on the evolutionary ecology of tadpole cannibalism in the dyeing poison frog, Dendrobates tinctorius. See more here.



Cristina Ottocento, since 2018

Co-supervisors:  Johanna Mappes and Astrid Groot

After finishing her MSc at the Mappes’ Lab (and getting a cum laude degree for it!), Cristina started her PhD on the role of chemical communication in the divergence process between the European and Caucasian populations of the wood tiger moth. See more here.




Emmi Alanen

Nina Kumpulainen



PhD Students

Katja Rönkä (U. of Jyväskylä) 2013-2017

Co-supervisors: Johanna Mappes and Niklas Wahlberg

‘Evolution of signal diversity: predator-prey interactions and the maintenance of warning colour polymorphism in the wood tiger moth Arctia plantaginis’. Katja is now doing a postdoc with the “Informed Birds Research Group” at the University of Helsinki.



MSc Students

Miriam Furlanetto (U. of Padova, Erasmus Exchange Program), MSc Student, 2017

Co-supervisors: Emily Burdfield-Steel  and Johanna Mappes

‘Investigating the costs of warning signal and chemical defences production in wood tiger moths’. Miriam is now a dedicated high school teacher in her home country, Italy!


Chiara de Pasqual (U. of Padova, Erasmus Exchange Program), MSc Student 2015-2016

Co-supervisors: Katja Rönkä and Johanna Mappes

‘Polymorphism in the aposematic wood tiger moth: a possible explanation through the phenomenon of generalisation’. Chiara has recently started her PhD studies on chemical communication in wood tiger moths at the Mappes’ Lab!


Morgan Brain (U. of Jyväskylä), MSc Student 2014-2016

Co-supervisors: Emily Burdfield-Steel  and Johanna Mappes

‘Honest signalling in female wood tiger moths’.

Liisa Hämäläinen (U. of Jyväskylä), MSc Student 2013-2014

Co-supervisors: Janne Valkonen and Johanna Mappes

‘Visual illusions in predator-prey interactions: Do stripes create a dazzle effect during movement?’. Liisa has just finish her PhD at Cambridge University (UK), and is about to start a postdoc with with Mariella Herberstein’s Group at Macquarie University (Australia).









Jennifer Devillechabrolle (U. of Marseille), MSc Student 2010-2011

Co-supervisors: Jérôme Chave and Elodie Courtois

‘Mise en place et analyse d’un protocole pour le suivi à long terme d’amphibiens en forêt tropicale humide de Guyane Française’. Jen is building an impressive career in conservation, currently being involved with conservation policies at Les Nouragues Reserve (French Guiana).



BSc Students

Tatiana Hernández (Universidad del Magdalena, Colombia), BSc Student 2017- 2019

Main supervisor: Luis Alberto Rueda

Tatiana recently graduated from his BSc in Biology with a thesis on the function and components of the putative deimatic display in the four eyed frog, Pleurodema brachyops.



Sintana Rojas (Universidad del Magdalena, Colombia), BSc Student 2017- 2018

Main supervisor: Luis Alberto Rueda

Sintana recently graduated from his BSc in Biology with a thesis on the effects of habitat degradation on the colouration of the Magdalena River tegú.



Juan David Carvajal-Castro


Shirley Jennifer Serrano-Rojas